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A Monthly Subscription That’s Worth It: Rocksbox

Accessorizing is hands-down the easiest way to pull an outfit together. Since my style has become more basic and practical, I like to use statement pieces to elevate my looks. At the same time, I don’t like spending money on jewelry because it isn’t a necessity and I simply don’t have a great storage solution (i.e. my room is messy enough, so why add to the clutter?).

Rocksbox (link here) is one of the best solutions for me to address the lack of new jewelry in my collection. Here are some of the key things to note about the service and how I feel about it:

How it works

Rocksbox is a monthly subscription service.
It costs $19 a month all-included, $10 of which Rocksbox “gives” you to spend on jewelry that they have sent you — this $10 does not rollover month to month but I appreciate that Rocksbox is willing to give you this incentive to purchase. There is never any obligation to buy anything.
When you first sign up, you will fill out a style quiz. In your account page, you can select products to add to your wishlist.
A stylist at Rockbox assembles 3 pieces to send you in each box. Once you receive your box, you can rate the items and give feedback to your stylist about pieces you liked or loathed. This will help them style your future boxes and tailor them better to your taste.
Borrow the box and the pieces inside for as long as you want (so long as your membership is still valid). Send whatever you don’t want to purchase back via a prepaid postage label and included packaging — super helpful — and wait for your next Rocksbox to come!
My favorite part, and the most bang for your buck: You can get an unlimited number of boxes each month. Obviously, there are limiting factors like waiting for shipping back and forth, but Rocksbox is fast at fulfilling new boxes and processing returns (as far as I have seen). I love that you aren’t limited to just one box a month, because it gives you the opportunity to maximize the service in the way that you want to.

The Box and the Jewelry

Shipping is pretty fast — there is no signature required for Rocksbox packages so as to expedite the process. Since I live in a sometimes-suspicious part of Boston, the mailmen tend to err on the side of caution and don’t like to leave packages in more public lobbies/foyers so I had to do a little back and forth to get my box (I was at work when it first arrived).
The boxes come in a bubble-envelope and include a personalized card (nice touch), a pre-paid postage return label (if you lose the one they send you, you can print a new one via your account page), and another bubble-envelope that you can send your box back in. Basically, Rocksbox makes the process seamless and simple so you can spend more time doing what you need to do and less time dealing with the logistics of it all.
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the jewelry I received. The hardware was heavy (in a good, not-cheap, way) and Rocksbox packages everything well. All the jewelry comes individually bubble-wrapped and in small mesh jewelry pouches, so nothing gets damaged in transit.
I did not recognize the brands of the pieces that Rocksbox sent in my first box, but I did recognize some labels of pieces I have on my wishlist like House of Harlow, Vanessa Mooney, and Gorjana.
If you are interested in purchasing a piece in your Rocksbox, you can login to your account and check the price. Rocksbox does have a discount on their jewelry so you won’t be paying full-price if there’s something you do like — plus there’s that $10 spend you have every month that sweetens the deal. Personally, the prices are still higher than I would want to pay ($30 for a pair of studs doesn’t cut it for me) but at least the quality is there.


Once you add your Instagram handle to your account, if you go to the Rocksbox Instagram (@rocksbox, link here) you can hashtag #wishlist on any products you see on their page, and your stylist will add those pieces to your account wishlist. I think this aspect is really cool (and probably really time-consuming for them!) as it helps you get some styling inspiration as well as see what pieces may not yet have landed on the Rocksbox page.
FYI – if you use my code to sign up for a free month you will see a pending charge of $19 on your credit card. This is just an authorization charge and will not go through, so don’t panic!