Nobel Prize Winners Want Bitcoin Prohibited

Nobel laureates and billionaires gathered this week to criticize bitcoin, a digital currency capable of breaching record sales of up to US $ 11,000 or Rp 148.8 million (exchange rate of Rp 13,533 / US $).

Nobel laureate economics, Joseph Stiglitz said that bitcoin ‘should be banned’. “Bitcoin is successful only because of the potential of avoidance alone, it does not work nationally,” he said.

Later, Robert Shiller, winning other economics nobles, said that the currency is able to attract some investors simply because it has a ‘anti-government and anti-regulation’ attitude.

“It’s a wonderful story, if only that is true,” Shiller said at a conference in Lithuania.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said the currency serves as a ‘tool for fraud’. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn revealed to CNBC that there is a possibility that Bitcoin’s market is heading for the bubble.

The previous digital currency has attracted ridicule from JPMorgan boss Jamie Dimon who calls bitcoin a ‘deception’ that ‘eventually explodes’. Warren Buffett warns that the virtual currency is a ‘real bubble’.

Earlier, the virtual currency valued at Rp 148.8 million for the first time on Wednesday, crossed the line and increased by more than 1,000% since the start of the year.

Some experts say that the rise in bitcoin value in recent weeks is driven by expectations from big investors, such as hedge funds and asset managers who are able to start investing in digital currencies.

The CME Group, owned by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, said that they will include a bitcoin futures contract in mid-December. Meanwhile, Nasdaq, plans to launch a new type of Bitcoin next year. The difference with Bitcoin, the product allows traders to take risks on future asset prices such as currencies and metals.